Although you may be fully aware of the rules and regulations concerning vaping in your own country, when it comes to travelling abroad there is a whole new world of information you need to know to avoid any awkward encounters.

If you’re planning a holiday and hope to enjoy vaping abroad, it’s always advised to be prepared and plan ahead. Before you book your flight, it’s essential you check that vaping is permitted in your holiday destination as you don’t want to unexpectedly end up in a place where vaping is banned. The laws are constantly changing in many countries, so it’s highly advised to keep tabs on a regular basis.

This guide to air travel and vaping abroad will help cover all bases before you set off for a safe and hassle-free experience.

Learn all you need to know about flying with your vape kit and equipment; from essential preparations, packing tips and security advice, we’ll guide you through all the relevant information to make your trip as smooth as can be.


This handy guide will outline all recommended advice and checklists for all the things you need to consider when planning to take your vape kit and accessories abroad.


Each country, airline and accommodation will likely have different regulations concerning vaping so please make sure you regularly research the places you’re going before you depart.


  • Vape Kit Coils
  • Wicks
  • Wire E-liquids/Pods
  • Batteries In Protective Case
  • Charger Storage
  • Case Plug Adaptor Drip Cloth


  • It’s advised to empty your tank of e-liquid before putting it in a sealed bag or storage case to avoid the risk of leakage.
  • Secure e-liquid bottles tightly to avoid leakage
  • Ensure batteries (if external) are removed from device and stored correctly in a protective case. This avoids any risk of accidental activation from the device or batteries touching and creating a short circuit. Batteries should be packed in your hand luggage ONLY, as a technical malfunction in hold baggage could be catastrophic.


  • Liquids – Check the airline liquid restrictions (generally 100ml per container) and make sure all of your e-liquids are in a transparent, resealable bag (provided at airport) with the overall capacity not exceeding 1 litre. This will contain any potential leaks which may happen due to pressure changes. Airplane cabins are pressurised, however cabin air pressure at cruising altitude is lower than sea level air pressure, therefore the risk of leakage is increased.
  • Carry On Luggage – As stated, it’s always advised to pack your vape device in your hand luggage. Li-Ion batteries are not allowed in aircraft holds therefore they could be discarded once checked in and inspected for safety reasons.
  • Batteries – Place batteries in the tray to be scanned just like all other metal objects such as phone, keys, laptop etc.
  • Packaging – It’s assumed that airport staff will know what a vape device is, however it’s recommended to keep the original packaging as proof just in case they question what it is.

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