Find the Zombie Vapes Discount Code

Find the Zombie Vapes Discount Code

Just for fun - We have coded discount code inside our website. Simply answer the vape related questions below and use the first letter of every answer to spell out a discount code! You will save 10% off your entire purchase!

The Zombie Vapes Quiz

Question One

A well known vape brand with great tasting flavours such as Dimpleberry and Black Reloaded.

Question Two

The main fruit flavour in our great tasting Apocalypse E Liquid.

Question Three

The main component of a Vape Kit - Clue you can buy them without a vape tank.

Question Four

A source of electrical power for vape devices made by popular brands such as Efest.

Question Five

A 3 letter vape brand (acronym) - Clue ___ Vape Great.

Question Six

A hugely popular Disposables brand with flavours such as Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice, Coconut Melon and Mad Blue.

Question 7 - A number

The amount of ml in Nic Salt E Liquids and in Nicotine Shots.


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Fun Fact about Zombie Vapes

We established in 2016 and originally launched as Vaping Bad due to our obsession with the popular tv series Breaking Bad featuring Heisenberg and Pinkman! We changed our name to Zombie Vapes in 2017 and we have been ever since.

We are a family run business that had the vision to create E Liquid flavours that as vapers we love ourselves! Heading into 2023 we are heading into our 8th year in the vape industry. 


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