Your vape coil, like your vape juice, is one aspect of your vaping set up that will need replacing on a regular basis. But how long do vape coils actually last? When should you replace your coil? And is there any way to make your vape coil last longer?

Whatever your question, join us here at Zombie Vapes for all things vape coils explained.


What is a vape coil?

So first things first – what actually is a vape coil, and how do vape coils work? 

An e-cig coil is a device inside your e-cigarette that creates the vapour you inhale. The coil consists of a wire outer that heats to create vapour, as well as a wicking material which feeds liquid to the coil. 


How long do vape coils last?

As with most things, the amount of time your vape coil will last will depend a lot on how often you use it. Naturally, if you are not a regular vaper your coil will not be used as much, and so will last much longer between replacements. On the other hand, if you’re vaping multiple times a day, you may find yourself needing to replace coils on a much more regular basis. You will know your vape coil needs replacing when you begin to notice a burnt taste as you vape.

Generally speaking, for the average vape user, a new vape coil will last between one to two weeks before you need to start thinking about replacing it. However, with the right care and attention, you can actually extend this time. 


How to make your vape coils last longer

With good care and attention, you are able to extend the lifespan of your vape coil – saving you money on replacements! To get the absolute most out of your vape coil, remember to;

  • Avoid dry hits. Also called a ‘burnt hit’, a dry hit is when you attempt to vape without enough e-liquid present in your vape coil. As the coil cannot heat the e-liquid, as is intended, it instead heats only the wicking material inside the coil. Naturally, this causes the wicking material to burn out faster, and your vape coil will need replacing much more frequently. Avoid this by ensuring your vape tank is never let to run empty, and by also waiting for at least 5 or 6 seconds between hits – your vape coil needs enough time to cool and reabsorb vape liquid after each hit.


  • Clean your vape coils. Once in place, it is easy to just see your vape coil as a permanent part of your vape set up. However, your vape coil is basically acting as a filter, so will need regular cleaning in order to encourage a longer lifespan. 



How to clean coils for vape

All too often we are asked “why do my vape coils turn black?”, or “why is my vape coil collecting gunk?”. As mentioned, your vape coil is essential a filter, through which e-liquid is passed and turned into vapour. Naturally, there will be residue left behind.

To encourage a longer lasting vape coil, we would recommend cleaning it every few days – or more frequently if you’re a heavy vaper. 

There are a number of steps to cleaning the coils for your vape. These are;

  • Thoroughly remove all the remaining juice from your coil, before rinsing the vape coil under hot running water. This will remove any heated liquid that is clinging to your coil. 
  • Shake out as much of the water as possible, before leaving your coil to completely air dry.
  • Reattach your coils to your vaporiser, pressing the firing button on your vape until it heats. Leave to cool for around five seconds, before repeating the process. 
  • Refill your vape, and enjoy a cleaner tasting vape! 


How to replace your vape coil

It is extremely quick and easy to replace your vape coil – just follow these 4 simple steps.

  1. Begin by ensuring your vape is turned off, then unscrew the vape tank and carefully remove it. Take extra caution here, particularly if your vape tank still contains liquid which could spill.
  2. Next, wash out your vape tank with hot water. This is especially important if you are replacing your e-liquid with a new flavour. Once washed, dry with paper towels and a q-tip for difficult to reach areas. 
  3. Remove your old coil from your device by unscrewing counter clockwise. 
  4. Screw your new coil in place and enjoy!



Even with the best possible care and attention, no vape coil will last forever. If you’re looking for a replacement, look no further than the collection of vape coils at Zombie Vapes.  With high-quality options from top vaping brands including AspireSmok and Freemax, you can find the perfect coil to suit your vape and vaping style.


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