Important Information - Please Read

Important Information - Please Read

An important update from Zombie Vapes

First of all can we just say thank you for being a valued customer - Without you guys we wouldn't exist (like Zombies!) and for that we are eternally grateful. Behind the scenes we have been working hard to get our new website up and running so we can focus 2023 on revamping our flavours and products!

Why the new website?

It's a good question - and one that we've been asked already by customers. In 2022 we seen unforeseen rises in the costs of operating our business due to the sharp rises in manufacturing costs. We know customers are feeling the price rises in food, fuel and other every day living items. The last thing we want to do at Zombie Vapes is pass on more costs to customers. We had a choice to increase our prices or launch a brand new website and in our case it was always going to be the latter. We've always strived to make vaping a cheaper alternative to smoking and we don't intend on changing that any time soon. After all quitting smoking should be a positive.

The new multibuy offer

Now we've managed to bring our costs back down to keep the business sustainable we wanted to share that back with the customers. We've introduced a tier structure that gives the customers more back than our previous buy x get y free offers. We have been asked by some customers why we've changed it so we've broken it down to make it easier to understand.

  • Buying 3 on the old website = Gave the customers 1 free (33%) - New offer buy 3 save 33% = Offer still the same.
  • Buying 4 on the old website = Gave the customers 1 free (25%) - New offer buy 4 save 34% a 9% increase in savings.
  • Buying 5 on the old website = Gave the customers 1 free (20%) - New offer buy 5 save 35% a 15% increase in savings.
  • Buying 6 on the old website = Gave the customers 2 free (33%) - New offer buy 6 save 36% a 3% increase in savings.
  • Buying 7 on the old website = Gave the customers 2 free (28%) - New offer buy 7 save 37% a 9% increase in savings.
  • Buying 8 on the old website = Gave the customers 3 free (37.5%) - New offer buy 8 save 38% a 0.5% increase in savings.
  • Buying 9 on the old website = Gave the customers 3 free (33%) - New offer buy 9 save 39% a 6% increase in savings.
  • Buying 10 on the old website = Gave the customers 3 free (30%) - New offer buy 10 save 40% a 10% increase in savings.

Industrial strike action at Royal Mail

In 2022 we seen an unprecedented rise in strike action by Royal Mail which unfortunately (and unfairly) impacted our customers. Although we understand the need for our posties to strike we have to put our customers first. We decided to switch over to DPD for now to try to ensure our customers can receive their parcels in a timely manner. Unfortunately this is also having a knock on effect to other couriers including DPD due to the increase in demand. We assure you we are shipping our parcels on time and we endeavour to get them to you as soon as possible. We are currently seeing 24 - 48 hour delays in some areas even though we are using the next day service. We are hoping after Christmas day this will have been resolved.

Discount Codes

We are currently experiencing technical issues integrating discount codes into the website - Don't worry we are working hard to get this issue fixed. The first code we installed ' WELCOME10 ' is working which is available for all customers to use once. We will be operating discount codes in the future - we have no intentions of taking them away from our valued customers.

Many thanks for sticking with us in what has been a difficult year for everyone. The Zombie Vapes team wishes you all a happy christmas and an even better new year.

All the best Zombie Vapers,

The Zombie Vapes team.




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