Halloween is almost upon us, do you really want to be left vaping the same boring e-liquid flavour while everyone else vapes the good stuff? Get in the spirit with our list of spooky, Halloween-themed e-liquids.

Look, we get it, you’re probably not going to dress up and go door to door trick or treating anymore; but what’s holding you back from having a little fun on Halloween, while your kids are out collecting all that candy? We’ve composed a list of delicious liquids to keep your taste buds on edge! We’ll leave the scary music selection up to you!


Description: Fierce Freeze, Blueberry and citrus menthol, sweet and refreshing.

Nothing screams fall time and Halloween season quite like Antidote! A complex flavour bursting with Blueberry and Citrus finished off with a fierce freeze. Hugely popular amongst our Zombie Vapers!

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Description:  A delicious blend of blueberry, pomegranate, aniseed and menthol.

Zombie Blood

Not everyone can relate to this unusual choice of flavours. However Zombie Blood has surged to become one of our most popular best selling flavours! Why? Its exactly what you’d expect from Zombie Blood, rich and bursting with flavour with an aniseed kick.

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Description:  A refreshing tropical blend of passion fruit, pineapple, lemon, coconut and menthol.

If you vape Zombie Blood be careful you might get Infected but don’t worry with have got an Antidote for that ;). Another choice of daring flavours! This one is bursting with flavour the type that will make your taste buds explode like fireworks at a midnight Halloween party. Hugely popular.

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Description: Ripe orange with a cool crispy ice hit.

As if Infected wasnt enough, Apocalypse consists of carefully selected Oranges that makes for one heck of a tasty treat. Choosing the right choice of Oranges gives this a beautiful fruity hit with a crispy cool finish!

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Wicked Haze

Description: Eye popping, juicy, blackcurrant lemonade. Exactly what you’d expect, but somehow even better. You don’t want to sleep on this one … or else.

Wow where to begin with this one. A perfect blend of Blackcurrant, Lemonade and a hint of mint This juicy blackcurrant lemonade will have your taste buds tantalized and have you begging for more.

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Description: Raspberry and zesty lime gives this a distinct flavour that some how works. Packing with flavour with a dominant cool after hit.

Virus with its distinct choice of flavours and just the right amount of ice takes this one to the next level. Not for the feint hearted but for the menthol and ice lovers Virus is the perfect choice..

Purchase Virus here


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