It all started back in 2016, fed up of buying generic e liquids for
extortionate prices and packed with sweetener we set out on a mission to create unique flavours . Our mission was to enable our customers to enjoy vaping top quality flavours for affordable prices. We started out as Vaping Bad in 2016 before rebranding to Zombie Vapes in 2017.

Being passionate vapers ourselves we perform rigorous testing on each of our flavours before deciding to add to our range. We estimate only 1 in 10 flavours we create make it to our brand such is our high standards. Unlike ‘premium’ brands we use sweetener sparingly in all our recipes and only use small amounts if necessary. Many brands pack their e liquids with sweetener to enhance flavour but we feel that e liquids taste better without it and also your coils will last longer without it!

Our first sucessful recipe was back in 2016 – Unicorn Blood a magical blend of mixed red fruits. Being massive fans of Breaking Bad hence the name Vaping Bad we set out on a mission to perfect our Heisenberg and Pinkman recipes, now known as Mr Blue and Mr Pink.

Our next aim was to bring a set of unique flavours for our Zombie themed names. Antidote is an all time favourite of ours and being a menthol lover this is my all day e liquid. Zombie Blood is like marmite you either love it or hate it but personally we love it! We felt the e liquid market was missing a pomegranate flavour and we decided to give it a blueberry and aniseed kick!

Infected is an all time favourite too in our office we spent months perfecting this recipe and it has the perfect concoction of tropical flavours that explode in your mouth!

We are a family run business situated in the heart of Cheshire. The 3 directors of the company are brothers and sister and a close family friend. Being fruit and menthol lovers we often call in our mum when working on dessert recipes as she is the dessert vaper in the family! Being a big fan of Vanilla Custard we had to make sure we nailed this recipe and our mum still says to this day she hasn’t vaped a better Vanilla Custard than ours … Phew!


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