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When quitting smoking, we know that it can be tough to make that first step and change the habit you’ve developed for a long time. That’s why we’re eager to help you and others like you decide on ways to quit. In this post, we’re going to talk about the ten best flavours we know for kicking the smoking habit to the curb.

So without going on too much, here’s our list of top 10 e-liquid flavours to help you quit smoking in the year 2022! Let’s start with something that you might not have expected.

Tobacco Flavour E-Liquids

When first making the jump across to the vape side of the street, it can be a daunting idea to go full in for fruity, dessert, or sweet flavours when your taste buds are expecting tobacco. Or, you might simply dislike the fruity flavours in general. If so, that’s okay! E-liquid manufacturers know that not everyone wants something too different, and they’ve come up with some cracking tobacco flavours for vapers.

1 – ZOMBIE BLOOD Tobacco E Liquid

Top of our tobacco flavoured list is our very own ZOMBIE BLOOD Tobacco e-liquid. A masterful blend of tobacco flavours rolled into one, we went for general instead of specific for this flavour. It’s supposed to be a good medium, and as it’s our most popular one, we think we hit the nail on the head!

As a 50:50 VG:PG e-liquid, this one’s ideal for starter vape kits. It’s not going to produce too much vapour and will give the vaper that satisfying and familiar throat hit that smoking gives. Most people go for 3mg of nicotine.

2 – PHARAOH VAPES Menthol Tobacco
Menthol tobacco vape

Next most popular is PHARAOH VAPES’ Menthol Tobacco flavour, which is obviously popular with ex-menthol smokers, who like to buy the 120ml and 6mg nicotine version. As a shortfill, these e-liquids are easily modified to your liking of nicotine, however.

As a 70:30 VG to PG split, this e-liquid is great for sub-Ohm devices that create a lot of vapour cloud. Also, we’re just fans of the bottle art. Doesn’t it look great?

3 – Dinner Lady Tobacco 10ml

Next on our list is Dinner Lady's Tobacco. This is something that might be a useful next step after a pure tobacco flavour if you’re looking to expand your palette a little bit. The vanilla added to the tobacco gives this a smooth, decadent flavour to your vaping experience.

As a 50:50 VG:PG, this e-liquid once more is well-suited to pod devices and will have less of a throat hit than some vape juice.

Fruity, Sweet, or Dessert E-liquid Flavours

Of course, not everyone who gets into vaping is into the tobacco flavour. If you’re looking to move straight to other flavours, fruity, sweet, or dessert-y, we’ve got tons of options there, too.

Everyone’s going to have their own favourite flavour, but we’re sharing our most popular flavours chosen by you, our customers!

Alright, let’s get to it:

10 – ZOMBIE VAPES Cool Menthol E Liquid

Coming in at tenth most popular e-liquid flavour is Cool Menthol, a refreshingly ice-cold menthol flavour. We like this one because you can feel the ice-cold menthol so much more strongly than any menthol ciggy you might have tried.

Menthol is a really popular flavour, and we tend to add it to a lot of mixtures because of how popular it is. We find that the icy hit of menthol can be a really great addition to other things as they hit your palette. It seems that you all agree, because there’s a fair amount of menthol on our list! Spoilers away, let’s carry on.

Cool menthol vape

9 – ZOMBIE VAPES Black Mist E Liquid

Next up is Black Mist, a delicious blend of dark berries, prominent blackcurrant, with hints of aniseed and menthol to back up the berries. If you’re a fan of dark gateau at all, you’re in for a treat with Black Mist. As a fruity flavour, it’s got a bit of a kick to it with the addition of aniseed and menthol.

Like we said, menthol’s a popular addition, but what about aniseed? Did you expect to find it on our top ten flavours list? Probably not, but here we are. Taste buds are weird, but they like what they like, right?

Anyway, we’ve got eight more to show you.

Black mist vape

8 – ZOMBIE BLOOD Blackcurrant Menthol E Liquid

Alright so, Blackcurrant Menthol might sound really similar to Black Mist on the surface, but the key here is the lack of aniseed and other berry flavours. Really smoothing it out to just being blackcurrant and menthol. It’s a tasty, icy treat on warm days. Really hits the spot.

7 – ZOMBIE VAPES Purple Slush E Liquid

Another fruity flavour, but mix in the sweet icy tones of an icy slush drink, and you’ve got our seventh most popular e-liquid with customers; Purple Slush e-liquid.

This is basically a blackcurrant flavoured iced slush. Who doesn’t love that? There’s not much more we need to expand on here; it’s a great flavour.

Slush vape

6 – ZOMBIE VAPES Blue Crystal E Liquid

Incredibly popular, Blue Crystal is a flavour that we created after another one on this list, adding a fruity twist to an already popular flavour. This was formerly known as Heisenberry after everyone’s favourite bad chemistry teacher.

Probably not quite as addictive as you’d imagine with a name like Blue Crystal, this flavour is still a great example of what people like to vape, fruity and interesting.

Blue crystal vape

5 – ZOMBIE VAPES Blue Slush E Liquid

Coming in halfway through our list, we’ve got Blue Slush. Slightly more common as a drink, blue raspberry is something we always get when we’re at the cinema, so why not carry that flavour around in your pocket?

Again, a fruity and cool flavour that’s light on the palate and doesn’t clog your airways.

4 – ZOMBIE VAPES Red A E Liquid

Next up is a fan favourite, one of the more unique flavours on offer here at Zombie Vapes. Red A is a mixture of red fruits, grape, eucalyptus menthol and aniseed in one package. Sound interesting? Yeah, we think so, too; it’s why we came up with it.

This is something else we know that people chase with e-liquid flavours after quitting smoking: something different. Smoking can damage your taste, so something like this is a fantastic flavour to really kick your sense of taste into gear!

Red fruits vape

3 – ZOMBIE VAPES Rainbow Candy E Liquid

With our third most popular flavour — come on down and accept your bronze! — you can practically taste rainbows when vaping it. Okay, bad side step on a popular slogan aside, it’s easy for us to see why the lowest podium slot is taken up by the Rainbow Candy flavour vape.

Fruity flavour plus sweet flavour equals great success!

This one’s easy to imagine, too. Think back to the last time you picked up a handful of Rainbow Candy and threw them all into your mouth, and you’ve got the idea. It’s honestly fantastic.

Skittles vape

2 – ZOMBIE VAPES Mr Blue E Liquid

Taking the silver is Mr Blue! We like to say that Mr Blue has a fruity undertone with a cool crystal after sensation that will leave you wondering what it is… and wanting more. A secret recipe, Mr Blue is the base for Blue Crystal, one of our other very popular flavours.

It’s not a surprise that a cool, blue flavour is towards the top of this list. Fruity, fresh flavours are so opposite to what we tasted when we used to smoke that we’re getting quite far away from it with these flavour profiles.

Blue vape

1 – ZOMBIE VAPES Fruit Pastilles E Liquid

Lastly, we come to the crowning slot: Fruit Pastilles, come and get that gold medal. Well deserved by a flavour that we can’t get enough of. Fruit Pastilles is another blast from our childhood that we get to carry around in our pocket. What’s not to love?

This one is similar to the Rainbow Candy flavour: imagine grabbing a roll of Fruit Pastilles and sticking them in your mouth, and you’ve got the flavour down.

Fruit pastels E liquid vape

Finding your flavour

Whatever you end up choosing, know that every vaper’s favourite flavour is personal to them. Some will find that you don’t like sticking to one flavour, others will never want to switch to anything else.We hope that you start your journey to quitting smoking with excitement at all the flavours that you can try out, now that you’ve seen the most popular. If you’re not interested in the mostly cool, fruity flavours we’ve got here, don’t worry! There are tons more. For example, drinks-flavoured vapes like coffee, salted caramel, or pumpkin spice latte are available. On top of those, there’s a whole slew of dessert flavoured vapes, and just because they didn’t quite make the top ten doesn’t mean they’re not amazing — cause they really are!


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