If you want to make the switch to vaping our ‘Getting Started’ guide gives you the basics on vaping and ecigarettes, including how ecigarettes work and the different parts of an ecigarette.  

How to Vape

If you’ve decided to try an ecigarette it may all seem a little bit complicated at first, but it’s quite straightforward. Here we introduce you to the basics of what is an ecigarette, how to use an ecigarette and also what is actually in ecigarettes.  Welcome to the Zombie Vapes Guide.

Vaping Basics

In our vaping for dummies guide you’ll learn everything you need about how to vape. Whether it’s a E Cigarette Starter Kit or something more advanced an ecigarette is fundamentally made up of the same parts. To vape you need a battery, a tank or similar to hold the eliquid, a heating element and mouthpiece. They are known by different names too – vaping mods, vape kits or simple an e cigarette.

n the same way water becomes steam, the liquid in an ecigarette – known as eliquid or e juice – is heated to the point it becomes a vapour. This vapour is inhaled, in a similar way that a smoker inhales smoke from a cigarette.

When you press the button on an ecigarette, the vape battery sends a current through a metal coil (literally a metal wire shaped into a coil) which acts as a heating element. A wicking material loaded with e liquid runs through the centre of the coil and as the coil gets hotter the e liquid flavours evaporate – turning from a liquid into a vapour.

The vapour is drawn up through the mouthpiece and you’re vaping. That’s how to vape, it’s as simple as that

Eliquid – What’s in an Ecigarette?


One of the major differences between smoke and vapour is the flavour. E liquids have infinite flavour possibilities and flavour is one of just three or four basic ingredients that make up eliquid.

VG Eliquid


Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is used in the food industry as a sweetener, preservative or thickening agent, while in cosmetics it’s found in moisturisers. In regards to vaping uk VG gives you the ‘cloud’ and it’s non-toxic. It’s thick and requires more power to vapourise, but can produce more vapour.  It’s for this reason vegetable glycerin vape is popular with cloud chasers.

PG Eliquid


Propylene Glycol (PG) is used in a variety of applications, for example inhalers, and produces the ‘throat hit’, similar to that when smoking. PG shows no evidence of being carcinogenic or toxic. PG e liquid is thinner than VG and therefore doesn’t need as much power to become a vapour.  PG vape is great for discrete vaping.

Nicotine UK


The final ingredient is nicotine, however many people choose to enjoy vaping uk with nicotine free eliquid, and choose to vape purely for the flavour choices. Others balance their nicotine levels by choosing a concentrated nicotine shot and blending their own.


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