Vaporesso Luxe XR Replacement Pods

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Designed as replacement pods specifically for use with the Vaporesso XR Max Pod Vape Kit. These pods are compatible with Vaporesso GTX coils, allowing you to customize your vaping experience according to your preferred draw and power settings.

Sold in packs of 2

The Luxe XR pods come in three different styles to accommodate various vaping styles, ranging from Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) to Restricted Direct Lung (RDL), and Direct-to-Lung (DTL) vaping preferences.


The Vaporesso Luxe XR pods come in three distinct types, each tailored to accommodate different vaping styles: Direct-to-Lung (DTL), Restricted Direct Lung (RDL), and Mouth-to-Lung (MTL).

These pods are specifically designed to be compatible with the corresponding Vaporesso GTX coils, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance for each vaping preference. Whether you prefer intense vapor production or a more restricted draw, the Luxe XR pods offer versatility to suit your individual vaping needs.



The Vaporesso Luxe XR replacement pods are equipped with SSS leak-resistant technology, designed to effectively lock the e-liquid inside the pod and minimize leakage to the maximum extent possible. This innovative technology provides users with added peace of mind, ensuring a clean and hassle-free vaping experience without the inconvenience of e-liquid leakage.

Accurate flavour, lasting 50% longer

The built-in Morph-Mesh structured coil technology, combined with cumulus cotton microfiber, is engineered to deliver rapid and uniform heating, enhancing the efficiency of e-liquid vaporization.

This innovative coil design ensures that heat is distributed evenly across the coil surface, resulting in a consistent and flavourful vaping experience. By maximizing heat transfer and surface area coverage, this technology provides a true and accurate representation of flavour, allowing users to enjoy every note and nuance of their favourite e-liquids.

The Vaporesso Luxe XR replacement pods are versatile and suitable for use with various types of e-liquids:

High VG 70+ (DTL)
50/50 Freebase (MTL)
Nic Salt (MTL)
This compatibility allows users to enjoy a wide range of vaping experiences, whether they prefer Direct-to-Lung (DTL) vaping with high VG e-liquids or Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping with 50/50 Freebase or Nic Salt e-liquids.

For those new to vaping or unfamiliar with different vaping styles, our guide provides a detailed explanation of the differences between Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping and Direct-to-Lung (DTL) vaping, helping users choose the style that best suits their preferences.

To ensure optimal performance and avoid premature coil failure, we recommend following our coil priming guide, which provides step-by-step instructions on properly priming coils before use. This helps extend the lifespan of the coils and ensures a consistent vaping experience.


The Luxe XR DTL pods are engineered to be compatible with the dedicated Direct-to-Lung (DTL) coils available within Vaporesso's GTX coil range. This ensures a perfect match between the pod and coil, optimizing performance and delivering an exceptional vaping experience characterized by enhanced vapor production and flavour intensity.

  • GTX 0.15Ω Mesh - 60-75w (Best 70w)
  • GTX 0.2Ω Mesh - 45-60w (Best 55w)
  • GTX 0.3Ω Mesh - 32-45w (Best 40w)
  • GTX 0.4Ω Mesh - 26-32w (Best 30w)
  • GTX 0.6Ω Mesh - 20-30w (Best 28w)


The Luxe XR RDL pods are meticulously crafted to provide a slightly more restricted inhale experience, ideal for Restricted Direct-to-Lung (RDL) vaping. These pods are specifically engineered to be compatible with the following Vaporesso GTX RDL coils, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance:

  • GTX 0.4Ω Mesh - 26-32w (Best 30w)
  • GTX 0.6Ω Mesh - 20-30w (Best 28w)


The Luxe XR MTL pods are designed to deliver a significantly tighter draw compared to their RDL and DTL counterparts, making them perfect for replicating the sensation of smoking a cigarette. These pods are optimized for use with the following Vaporesso GTX MTL coils, ensuring an authentic MTL vaping experience:

  • GTX 0.6Ω Mesh - 20-30w (Best 28w)
  • GTX 0.8Ω Mesh - 12-16w (Best 16w)
  • GTX 1.2Ω Mesh - 8-12w (Best 11w)
  • GTX 1.2Ω Regular - 8-12w (Best 11w)


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