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What Are the Benefits of Vaping?

Vaping has fast become the word on everyone’s lips over the past 10 years, and it is a topic we see discussed more and more frequently in the news. At Zombie Vapes, we want to educate our customers on the wide world of vaping and highlight the benefits of e-cigarettes.  If you’re a smoker who is trying to ditch the habit, have you considered switching to vaping?  Whether it is for lifestyle or monetary reasons, picking up a vape pen in favour of a cigarette does come with some benefits... Read More


Vaping for Beginners

If you want to make the switch to vaping our ‘Getting Started’ guide gives you the basics on vaping and ecigarettes, including how ecigarettes work and the different parts of an ecigarette.   How to Vape If you’ve decided to try an ecigarette it may all seem a little bit complicated at first, but it’s quite straightforward. Here we introduce you to the basics of what is an ecigarette, how to use an ecigarette and also what is actually in ecigarettes.  Welcome to the Zombie Vapes Guide. Vaping Basics In our... Read More


What are nicotine salts?

Whether you’re just beginning vaping or you’re somewhat of a vaping pro, you’ve probably come across nicotine salts. In the world of vaping there’s always some new innovation to try, and nic salts are just that. If you’re looking to learn more about nicotine salts, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Zombie Vapes, we’re answering all your nicotine salt FAQs. So, first things first: What are nicotine salts? If you’re wondering what nic salts actually are, the clue is in the name. Nic salts are a form of... Read More


PG vs VG: Which vape liquid should you choose?

From the different components of your vape mod through to the varieties of e-liquid, there can be a lot to get your head around when it comes to vaping.  But not to stress – that’s where we come in! When it comes to e-liquids, you will often hear of two types: VG e-liquid and PG e-liquid. So, what are they? Both VG and PG are both odourless liquids which create the basis of your vape juice. Flavour is added to each, and they are often combined with nicotine in order... Read More


How To Clean Your Vape Tank

A clean vape is the best way to fully experience flavour.  Regular cleaning of your vape tanks doesn’t only mean a better flavour but will keep your vape running at its best for longer – meaning you can go longer before the need to replace it. Without regular cleaning, your vape tanks will experience a build-up of old flavours, mixing in with your new flavours and often creating a mix you didn’t want. Not only that, but the old juice residue inside the tank is also continuously heated, building up... Read More


Why Does My Vape Spit? 4 Ways To Stop Vape Spit Back

Anyone who has ever experienced vape spit back knows exactly how frustrating it is. Not only is it annoying going to vape and being hit with a mouthful of e-liquid, but it is also dangerous – you run the risk of swallowing e-liquid or even burning your mouth.  If your vape is popping or spitting, there are a number of methods you can try to combat the problem.    Why does my vape spit? When it comes to issues with vapes, one of the main things we see asked is... Read More


How To Steep E-Liquid

If you’re familiar with vaping, you’ve likely heard of people ‘steeping’ their e-liquid. Steeping is a practice used by many vapers to help improve the taste of their e-liquid. Working in the same way as steeping tea or food products, steeping is a form of ageing that releases more flavour in a substance.  If you want to learn more about why and how to steep your e-liquid, look no further – here at Zombie Vapes we’re answering all your frequently asked questions. What is steeping vape juice? Put simply, steeping... Read More


How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

Your vape coil, like your vape juice, is one aspect of your vaping set up that will need replacing on a regular basis. But how long do vape coils actually last? When should you replace your coil? And is there any way to make your vape coil last longer? Whatever your question, join us here at Zombie Vapes for all things vape coils explained.   What is a vape coil? So first things first – what actually is a vape coil, and how do vape coils work?  An e-cig coil... Read More


Vaping and Driving: Is it Illegal?

One of the more common questions about vaping concerns driving – can you vape and drive? We’ve seen a number of dramatic headlines recently, stating that vaping while driving is against the law and could result in a fine, points on your license, or even a ban. But is this the full truth? Is it actually illegal to vape and drive in the UK? The short answer is – no. Vaping while driving, while not advisable, is actually in itself not an illegal act. However, the law becomes a little... Read More


How To Switch From Smoking To Vaping: FAQs

Data taken from Public Health England shows that vaping may be contributing to an estimated upwards of 20,000 smokers quitting each year. However, the same data also tells us that around 40% of those who smoke in the UK have never actually tried vaping – that’s around 2,800,000 people! So, with Public Health England also stating that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking, why aren’t more smokers making the switch? Well, it mainly comes down to knowledge. This is where Vapril comes in. Vapril is the worlds... Read More