A Guide To Air Travel And Vaping Abroad

Although you may be fully aware of the rules and regulations concerning vaping in your own country, when it comes to travelling abroad there is a whole new world of information you need to know to avoid any awkward encounters. If you’re planning a holiday and hope to enjoy vaping abroad, it’s always advised to be prepared and plan ahead. Before you book your flight, it’s essential you check that vaping is permitted in your holiday destination as you don’t want to unexpectedly end up in a place where vaping... Read More


Can I Vape At The Airport?

    If you have a big holiday coming up this summer, you may have found yourself wondering; “Can I vape at the airport?”. As with smoking, airlines and airports have a number of rules and regulations when it comes to travelling with and using e-cig devices. While planning ahead and checking specific rules before you travel is vital, here at Zombie Vapes we’re talking through the main points you need to know when it comes to travelling, airports and vapes.   How to travel with vape gear Generally, travelling... Read More