Vape Tanks

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Vape Kits: How to Choose the Right Vape Kit for Beginners

Now more than ever, people are ditching their cigarettes in favour of a shiny new vape kit.  However, with so many to choose from, you might feel like a fish out of water when looking for the best one for you. Whether you are switching to vaping for financial or health reasons, it pays to do your research on the different types of vape kits out there.  From full vape kits to vape pods, pens, and mods, there is something to suit every smoking style, and choosing the right setup... Read More


RDA vs RTA Vape – Which One Should I Choose?

If you’re graduating from a standard vape kit, you may be looking into how to build your vape device. Many experienced vapers prefer to build their device so that they can customise every part to their own tastes and preferences. Customising your vape means that you can get more flavour from your e-liquid, take control of the power behind your vape and even achieve larger vapour clouds.  Sounds good right? But, you may have found yourself coming across options such as RTA and RDA, and you’re now wondering what exactly... Read More

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10 Tips to Stop a Leaking Vape

There is nothing more annoying than having your vape leak right as you’re about to take a drag, or even worse, whilst it’s in your pocket or bag! It might be your favourite flavour, but you probably don’t want to be smelling of sweets or desserts all day long if it leaks on you. So, to help you prevent a leaking vape, we have put together the best hints and tips you need to keep your e-liquid in place.  What is a Leaking Vape?  Many people might think a leaking... Read More

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How to Clean Your Vape Kit

Every vape user remembers their first vape kit, how excited they were to start using it and also how disappointed they were when its performance started lacking after only a few months. But what if I told you that there was a simple way to keep your vape kit going for longer? By just simple and regular maintenance, your vape kit will stand the test of time, and you can stop the cycle of binning and buying new kits. Plus, cleaning your vape kit every couple of months will ensure... Read More

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What is Sub Ohm?

If you’re new to the world of vaping, you may have noticed other vapers are using devices much larger than yours that are producing clouds that are a lot bigger. This style of vaping is known as Sub Ohm vaping, and it creates much different effects than the regular starter kits you may be used to.  If you’re thinking of making the switch from your vape pen to a Sub Ohm tank, then you might have a few questions that you need to be answered! At Zombie Vapes, we have... Read More


How To Clean Your Vape Tank

A clean vape is the best way to fully experience flavour.  Regular cleaning of your vape tanks doesn’t only mean a better flavour but will keep your vape running at its best for longer – meaning you can go longer before the need to replace it. Without regular cleaning, your vape tanks will experience a build-up of old flavours, mixing in with your new flavours and often creating a mix you didn’t want. Not only that, but the old juice residue inside the tank is also continuously heated, building up... Read More