Vape Tricks

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10 Tips to Stop a Leaking Vape

There is nothing more annoying than having your vape leak right as you’re about to take a drag, or even worse, whilst it’s in your pocket or bag! It might be your favourite flavour, but you probably don’t want to be smelling of sweets or desserts all day long if it leaks on you. So, to help you prevent a leaking vape, we have put together the best hints and tips you need to keep your e-liquid in place.  What is a Leaking Vape?  Many people might think a leaking... Read More


How to Blow Vape Rings

For many, vaping is much more than a vice, it’s a part of some people’s identities. Whether it’s building your own tanks, experimenting with new flavours or mastering a few vape tricks, there is certainly a lot of fun to be had with the hobby. At Zombie Vapes, we wanted to put together a simple guide to help our customers get to grips with how to blow smoke rings, and offer a few easy vape tricks that might help!  Our Guide for How to Blow Vape Rings Blowing vape rings... Read More