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The Ultimate Vape Battery Guide

At Zombie Vapes, we are dedicated to making sure that all of our customers have the best vaping experience possible. That’s why we’ve put together a need-to-know guide on vape batteries to answer all of your questions when it comes to making sure that they work correctly.  My E-Cig Battery is Charged But Not Working? We know how frustrating it can be when you’ve made sure to fully charge your vaping device, and then it doesn’t work right when you’re ready to enjoy it. There could be a variety of... Read More


Award Winning E Liquids

Zombie Vapes Best E Liquid Awards Best Dessert E Liquid 2020 1st Place – Vanilla Custard It probably doesn’t come as any kind of surprise to anyone who’s tried it, but Zombie Vapes Vanilla Custard is the winner of Best selling dessert for 2020. The juice blends a creamy, custardy base with vanilla, producing a flavour that’s fairly simple but is executed beautifully, with the balance shifted a little more towards the cream but the vanilla still coming through with each puff. 2nd Place – Mother’s Milk Mother’s Milk by... Read More

No Tricks, Just Treats: 7 Halloween-Inspired E-Juices

Halloween is almost upon us, do you really want to be left vaping the same boring e-liquid flavour while everyone else vapes the good stuff? Get in the spirit with our list of spooky, Halloween-themed e-liquids. Look, we get it, you’re probably not going to dress up and go door to door trick or treating anymore; but what’s holding you back from having a little fun on Halloween, while your kids are out collecting all that candy? We’ve composed a list of delicious liquids to keep your taste buds on... Read More

Useful tips

WHAT IS A REGULATED MOD? The majority of vape mods are regulated. They get their name from the chipset inside that controls power output and is programmed with safety features. The industry has come a long way and originally all vape mods were unregulated, a small handful still are. These unregulated, or mechanical mods are only ever recommended to the most advanced vaper and require a great deal of knowledge to use safely. The regulated vape mod has no such limitations and is what we recommend to all vapers. It... Read More

Barista Brew

Barista Bew E-LIQUID is crafted in California, by master chemists, artfully blending premium ingredients, setting the ultimate standard for quality.  Our perpetual love for the vape industry and commitment to excellence led us to this moment. E-Liquid: Best Beverage Flavour 1st Place: Barista Brew – Salted Caramel Macchiato (14.62%) Flavour Description: “the perfect wake and vape, blending a premium roasted coffee intermixing with drizzled of salted caramel for a delicious combination.” My comment: WOW! This is absolutely divine! It’s a light coffee and the sweetness factor is perfect: sweet, but... Read More


Study warns on e-cigarettes and pregnancy

E-cigarettes might not be a safer alternative to smoking during pregnancy, researchers at Durham University have found. The study – believed to be the first of its kind – found that babies of mothers who smoked e-cigarettes during pregnancy displayed similar abnormal reflexes to infants whose mothers smoked traditional cigarettes. Abnormal reflexes can include a baby not grasping a finger with their hand or not being startled if the hand supporting their head is suddenly removed. Researchers said the findings had important implications for policy guidelines, and further investigation was... Read More

A Guide To Air Travel And Vaping Abroad

Although you may be fully aware of the rules and regulations concerning vaping in your own country, when it comes to travelling abroad there is a whole new world of information you need to know to avoid any awkward encounters. If you’re planning a holiday and hope to enjoy vaping abroad, it’s always advised to be prepared and plan ahead. Before you book your flight, it’s essential you check that vaping is permitted in your holiday destination as you don’t want to unexpectedly end up in a place where vaping... Read More

Has The Media WRONGLY Changed Your View On Vaping? The New PHE Report Thinks So

Public Health England have stated their fears that media scare-mongering and misinformation about vaping is preventing millions of smokers from making the life-changing switch to vaping. Now in its sixth installment, the PHE (Public Health England) independent report into e-cigarette use provides an insightful study of vaping developments in the UK. The latest report aims to present an update on the prevalence of vaping among young people and adults, whilst taking an unprecedented look at vaping among people with mental health conditions as well as pregnant women. No Sign Of... Read More


TRPR/TPD UK Regulations Explained

On the 20th of May 2017, the Tobacco & Related Products Regulations (TRPR) went into effect in the UK. The TRPR is the UK’s interpretation of the revised Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) which was introduced by the European Commission two years ago. These regulations are a catch-all for the tobacco industry, but have been updated to include vaping products. From the end of May all vaping products which contain (or could contain) nicotine are subject to the regulations. It is because of these regulations that you may have noticed some... Read More


The secret behind Zombie Vapes

It all started back in 2016, fed up of buying generic e liquids for extortionate prices and packed with sweetener we set out on a mission to create unique flavours . Our mission was to enable our customers to enjoy vaping top quality flavours for affordable prices. We started out as Vaping Bad in 2016 before rebranding to Zombie Vapes in 2017. Being passionate vapers ourselves we perform rigorous testing on each of our flavours before deciding to add to our range. We estimate only 1 in 10 flavours we... Read More