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Fruit Pastilles CBD E Liquid

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Strength: 600mg

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Embark on a burst of fruity ecstasy with Zombie Vapes Fruit Pastilles CBD E-liquid—a vibrant and refreshing blend that captures the essence of your favourite fruit-flavoured candies. Immerse yourself in the delectable symphony of mixed fruits, expertly crafted to deliver a mouthwatering vaping experience reminiscent of classic fruit pastilles.

As you take your first inhale, a medley of ripe and juicy fruits unfolds on your palate, creating a harmonious flavour profile that mirrors the taste of assorted fruit pastilles. The e-liquid combines the sweetness of berries, the tanginess of citrus, and the exotic notes of tropical fruits, ensuring each puff is a delightful journey through a fruity paradise.

Infused with premium CBD, Zombie Vapes Fruit Pastilles not only tantalizes your taste buds but also introduces a touch of tranquility and relaxation to your vaping ritual. Embrace the therapeutic properties of CBD as you indulge in the fruity explosion of flavours, making each puff a moment of pure bliss.

The tantalizing aroma of Fruit Pastilles fills the air, creating an immersive atmosphere that heightens the overall experience. Whether you're a fan of fruity candies or seeking a unique and enjoyable flavour to elevate your vaping routine, this e-liquid promises to deliver a delightful blend of sugary nostalgia and tropical sweetness.

Zombie Vapes Fruit Pastilles CBD E-liquid is more than just a vape—it's a journey into the luscious world of mixed fruits that invigorates your senses and leaves you craving more. Elevate your vaping ritual with this fruity blend, and let the delectable symphony transport you to a state of pure vaping pleasure.

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