Today’s vape market is bursting with flavour. From decadent delights and mouth-watering treats to the weird and wonderful and everything in between, there is an e-Liquid flavour for everyone. However, with so many e-Liquid flavours to choose from, the quest to find the right one for you can become quite daunting.

Fear not. Here at Zombie Vapes, we’ve put together the ultimate quiz to help you decide what e-Liquid flavour is best for you. We’ve got an incredible collection for you to discover and the expertise to point you in the right direction, so no matter how quirky – or traditional – your taste palette is, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re new to vaping and not sure what the best e-Liquid flavour for you is, or you’re an established vaper looking to mix things up, take our quiz to discover your next favourite!

Are you looking for an e-Liquid that replicates the traditional taste and experience of a cigarette, or are you in the mood to branch out?

You might be looking for a nicotine fix without the health implications of a cigarette – Many people switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping for this very reason. Not only is vaping less toxic than smoking, but it’s also cheaper!

If you’re trying to curb the smoking habit, but you’re not quite ready to say your goodbyes, you might find an e-Liquid that offers a similar taste to a cigarette beneficial. Alternatively, you might want to move away from the taste of tobacco and try something new and exciting. The choice is yours.

Firstly, are you a smoker, or have you recently stopped smoking?
Do you prefer sweet and tasty, or zesty and refreshing?
After dinner, do you reach for the fruit bowl or the sweet cupboard?
So you've got a sweet tooth. But what kind of treats are in the drawer? Sugary sweets & strawberry laces, or cakes & chocolate delights?
You're at a restaurant and it's time for dessert. Do you go for a rich chocolate fudge pudding, or would you rather give the cocktail menu a whirl?
It's a hot summers day. Do you go for the watermelon wedges or a fruity cocktail?
Are you looking for an e-Liquid that replicates the traditional taste and experience of a cigarette, or are you in the mood to branch out?
Do you prefer a classic taste, or something with a refreshing twist?
You Got...
Fruity Flavours!

You’re not afraid of a bold and fruity flavour, which opens up a world of choice! Not quite as unconventional as some of our dessert and cereal flavoured blends, but packing more of a punch than plain tobacco, fruit flavoured e-Liquids are a vaper’s best friend. Sharp, tasty and unbelievably juicy, they are a delicious choice that never disappoints.

Whether you prefer the sweet taste of strawberry, mouth-watering watermelon flavours or something more tangy and refreshing, our collection of fruit flavoured e-Liquids has got you covered. Shop our Fruit e-Liquid collection for everything from sweet to sharp citrus, and find your new go-to vape today!

Not quite right?

Not feeling fruity? Why not browse our incredible range of drink flavoured e-Liquids for more refreshing tones and tasty flavours. Or, return to the start of our quiz and see where you end up!

You Got...
Drink e-Liquid Flavours!

Fun and high-spirited, you seek daring flavours with a sophisticated twist – and our drink flavoured e-Liquids are the answer. Boasting more zest than traditional tobacco and menthol flavours, drink flavoured e-Liquids are a refined and reliable choice that make great go-to’s for your daily vape.

If you’re no stranger to a Pina Colada or Strawberry Daquiri, then you’ll be delighted to discover our range of cocktail-inspired e-Liquids. Whilst they won’t get you tipsy, they are great for pairing with your favourite fruit flavoured drinks on a night out. Or, of course, just whenever you fancy a taste of your favourite tipple!

We also offer a range of soft-drink inspired e-Liquids, including soda and slushie e-Liquids. Shop our drink flavoured e-Liquids and discover your next favourite flavour today!

Not quite right?

Did we get it wrong? If so, why not head back to the start and try our quiz one more time. Your favourite e-Liquid is a few taps away!

You Got...
Drink e-Liquid Flavours!

Whilst you might not always have room for a decadent dessert after dinner, you always make space for something light and fruity!

At Zombie Vapes, our incredible choice of drink e-Liquids leaves little to be desired. Whether you prefer a tangy daiquiri to get the party started, a flavoured iced tea to cleanse your palette, or a caramel coffee to wind down the evening with, our collection of drink flavoured e-Liquids has got something for you.

Shop our complete e-Liquid drinks collection for everything from your favourite ciders to juicy cocktails. Looking for something with a little more zest? Our drinks collection also has a range of slushie and soda inspired flavours for you to choose from!

Not quite right?

Do you regret saying no to the dessert menu? If the thought of these flavours isn’t quite tickling your taste buds, then why not browse our range of dessert flavoured e-Liquids!

Bursting with all the best flavours, our dessert collection is guaranteed to have something for you. Alternatively, head back to the start and take our quiz again. We promise to get it right next time!

You Got...
Sweet Flavours!

A classic sweet tooth, you’re all about sugar, spice and everything nice. You’ve also probably got a secret stash of sweets hidden somewhere in the house, but we’re not here to judge!

Our range of sweet e-Liquids is perfect for satisfying that sugar craving. Shop our collection and discover everything from the sour tang of Candy King’s hard apple and berry flavoured e-Liquids to tasty bubblegum treats and nostalgic lemon sherbet flavours. You’ll be like a kid in a candy shop!

Not quite right?

If our sweet flavoured e-Liquids sound a little too much, then fear not –We have a full library of flavours for you to discover! Browse our range of dessert, drink and fruit flavoured e-Liquids. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not take the quiz again?

You Got...
Dessert Flavours!

If it’s a choice between a starter or a dessert, you always go for the latter. So why not choose an e-Liquid that reminds you of your favourite after-dinner treat?

Enjoy your favourite dessert flavours – minus the calories – with our incredible collection of dessert flavoured e-Liquids at Zombie Vapes. Our collection has everything from sweet peach cobbler to maple-glazed doughnuts, sugary cereal flavours and more.

Treat yourself to a taste of the good stuff with a selection from our dessert flavoured e-Liquid range. They are full of flavour to satisfy your sweet tooth, making them a great choice for an everyday go-to or an after-dinner treat.

Not quite right?

If you’re not feeling these flavours – don’t worry, we’ve still got something for you. Browse our range of drink and fruit flavoured e-Liquids for more bold flavours. Or, if you fancy something completely different, why not try a menthol e-Liquid?

You Got...
Traditional Tobacco Flavours!

Forget sugar, spice and everything nice – you’re all about a traditional taste. When faced with a truckload of choice, you don’t get flustered, and you know that there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a no-fuss flavour that you already love.

We’ve got a brilliant choice of tobacco flavoured e-Liquids for you to choose from, ranging from realistic tobacco e-Liquids that will help ease your transition from smoking to sophisticated blends of vanilla, caramel and cherry.

Not quite ready to say bye to nicotine? We also stock a range of nic salts, perfect for anyone looking for an alternative to cigarettes.

Not quite right?

Not quite what you’d hoped for? Why not browse our full collection of e-Liquid flavours and see what takes your fancy.

You Got...
Menthol Flavours!

Classic, refreshing and super cool, menthol is always a welcome selection. You might find sweet and dessert flavoured e-Liquids a little too sugary, but you’re not quite ready to resign yourself to a flavourless vape. You just want to enjoy high-quality flavour, without all the fuss. Menthol strikes the perfect balance.

Our menthol e-liquid collection is bursting with flavourful options for you to enjoy. Shop our complete range and discover everything from fuss-free flavours to fruit-infused menthol vapes that will keep you coming back for more.

At Zombie Vapes, we stock a fantastic selection of traditional flavours for you to discover. Whilst a jam on toast e-Liquid might not be your thing, we have a bunch of other flavours that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Why not try a refreshing lemon flavoured e-Liquid from our drink flavours collection? Or, if you fancy something with more of a kick but still refreshing, a lime cola libra from our fruity section? We also stock a range of nicotine products such as nic shots, perfect for experienced vapers looking to add nicotine to their vape.

Not quite right?

Not quite what you’d hoped for? Why not browse our full collection of e-Liquid flavours and see what takes your fancy.