There is nothing more annoying than having your vape leak right as you’re about to take a drag, or even worse, whilst it’s in your pocket or bag! It might be your favourite flavour, but you probably don’t want to be smelling of sweets or desserts all day long if it leaks on you. So, to help you prevent a leaking vape, we have put together the best hints and tips you need to keep your e-liquid in place. 

What is a Leaking Vape? 

Many people might think a leaking vape is all a part of the vaping experience, and it’s often referred to as ‘popping’ or ‘spitting’. But you shouldn’t have to put up with a leaking vape, as there are plenty of easy fixes to this problem. 

Why is my Vape Leaking?

Leaking happens most often when the e-liquid escapes from your tank, usually through the airflow system, and it could be just a few drops or sometimes a full stream if the problem is severe. It might be easy to just advise that you only use high-quality vape devices, but even the most popular vape tanks can be prone to leaking. So, next time your vape leaks, don’t just throw it away like a lost cause, instead follow our helpful tips on how to prevent a leaking vape. 

How to Prevent a Leaking Vape

1. Don’t Misjudge the Seal 

You may think it sounds obvious, but a lot of leaking vapes come down to loose components in your vape. Taking the time to ensure that your tank is fastened together properly will ensure you have a smooth vaping experience with no leaks. If you’re putting your vape together in a hurry, you may cross-thread the top cap or not screw it together tight enough, so take the time to do it properly and you’ll thank yourself later!

2. Keep it Upright 

Not every tank can handle being on its side for long periods of time, so ensure when you’re not using your vape that it is stood upright. This could be during the night or whilst you’re working. A tank on its side can cause e-liquid to seep out through the airflow holes, so get into the habit of standing it upright to prevent this unnecessary leaking. 

3. Clean the Chimney 

Every vape tank has a ‘chimney’, this is the central airflow tube that runs from the body of the tank up to the drip tip. Sometimes, it can be easy to get e-liquid caught in the chimney without realising, and if it isn’t removed this can quickly cause a leak. To keep on top of this issue, make sure to keep your chimney clean and clear by clearing it simply with a paper towel before vaping. 

4. Is Your O-Ring Damaged? 

A common cause for many leaks lies with the o-ring. If your o-ring is worn, damaged or, in some cases, even missing, this can cause problems with leaking and broken vape devices. If you suspect something might be wrong with your vape, take apart your device, remove the o-rings and examine them closely. If you spot any signs of wear and tear, it’s time to replace your o-rings!

5. Don’t Overfill 

It may seem obvious, but overfilling your tank is the perfect recipe for a leaking vape! Always leave a small air pocket at the top when filling, as this empty space will help prevent any liquid from leaking out.

6. Keep a Lid On it

Due to the pressurised nature of vape tanks, it’s important to always keep your top cap on your vape for any extended amount of time. If you leave the lid off, then your e-liquid will leak out of the airflow holes. If you do plan to leave the top cap off your vape for a long period of time, then make sure your tank is empty of any e-liquids! It will also help if you close the airflow off too, but this isn’t guaranteed to work!

7. Keep It Slow and Steady

In some cases, a leaking vape can be down to your vaping style, particularly if you’re new to vaping! Make sure you inhale slowly and steadily as opposed to quickly and sharply. When you inhale sharply on your vape, you may be pulling liquid into the coil housing faster than it can vaporise it. This leaves you sucking some excess liquid up through the centre tube or chimney – and potentially causing leaking. 

8. Check Your Tank 

Check your tank for any damage or cracks, as a thin crack or damaged metal can mean your device is no longer airtight. If this happens, e-liquid will easily be able to leak out of your device and into chambers that it shouldn’t, like the airflow. If your glass is cracked it is usually an inexpensive and simple solution to buy a replacement.

9. Replace the Coil 

Although the majority of coils will be perfectly safe to use, there is always a bad batch in the bunch and you may find your coil has slight manufacturing problems which can cause leaks. To solve this issue, simply replace your coil, and luckily for you, we have a wide collection of affordable coils available at Zombie Vapes. You must ensure your coil head is screwed in correctly before replacing the coil. If you have done this and the issue still remains, then the leak may be down to one of the other issues we have mentioned here!

10. Choose the Right E-Liquids

You may not have realised when buying your vape that certain devices work best with certain e-liquids. For example, coil heads which require a lot of power tend to work best with e-juices that have a high VG. Anything lower than 70% VG in this instance may leak from the device due to the thin viscosity of PG. A good trick to remember is that sub-ohm style devices do well with 70% VG (only 30% PG) and above, whereas standard MTL devices work best with any e-liquid containing up to 70% VG. Always make sure to check your e-liquid label before use to determine the PG/VG ratio.

Still Not Working?

If you have tried all of our tips on how to stop a leaking vape, then it may just be time to invest in a new device. The longer you have your vape, the more wear and tear it will see on a day to day basis from continuous use, so they won’t last forever! However, if you invest in a high-quality vape, then you should see a longer life for your tank. Shop our full collection of MLT kits, vape pens and Sub Ohm tanks available. Plus, you can find everything you could need to keep your tank running with a collection of coils and accessories at Zombie Vapes today.


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