Its a common question that we receive by email on a daily basis, what are the best selling Zombie Vapes E Liquids? What better way to show customers is there then to write a blog about it!

Lets Get started…

1st Place: Mr Blue by Zombie Vapes

Probably not a suprise to Zombie Vapers this flavour is hugely popular amongst our fans. It is also the first ever flavour added to our range back in 2016.

2nd Place: Fruit Pastilles by Zombie Vapes

This one definitely caught us off guard… Added over 2 years ago we created this flavour in the spur of the moment. After eating the sweets we debated if it would be popular with our fans. 2 years later it is almost as popular as Mr Blue!

3rd Place: Red A by Zombie Vapes

Hardly suprising with this one either… Added back in 2017, and although various brands sell this flavour we have received huge praise for how good our Red A tastes! An all time favourite!

4th Place: Blue Crystal by Zombie Vapes

We decided to mix up our Mr Blue by adding less menthol and more fruit and voila! Blue Crystal was born. Hugely popular and its one of our favourites too!

5th Place: Blue Slush by Zombie Vapes

One of the first flavours to be created in our brand its no suprise to see Blue Slush in the top 10. Hugely popular! Blue raspberry Slush is a classic by Zombie Vapes.

6th Place: Rainbow Candy by Zombie Vapes

The 2nd sweet flavour to make the top 10 list! Rainbow Candy was added way back in 2016 and has always been a popular choice amongst the Zombie Vapers!

7th Place: Cool Menthol by Zombie Vapes

Added in 2017, we didn’t hold back with our Cool Menthol! We have crammed as much menthol as we possibly can into every bottle giving it an extreme cool blast. Should come with a XXX cold warning!

8th Place: Purple Slush by Zombie Vapes

One of our all time favourites – Purple slush is a delicious blackcurrant with an icy cool finish. No suprises this one’s in the top 10 – its hugely popular!

9th Place: Unicorn Blood by Zombie Vapes

Added in 2018 – we wanted to give our fans a blend of all the red fruits possible … and Unicorn Blood was born. It has been hugely popular since it was first released.

10th Place: Blackcurrant Tunes by Zombie Vapes

Added in 2019 – Blackcurrant Tunes is a fantastic blend of blackcurrants, eucalyptus, menthol and confectionery giving you that soothing lozenge effect whilst vaping!

Best of the rest (11th – 20th)

11th Blue Raspberry by Zombie Vapes

12th Vymto Ice by Zombie Vapes

13th Drumsticks by Zombie Vapes

14th Mr Pink by Zombie Vapes

15th Wicked Haze by Zombie Vapes

16th Spearmint Menthol by Zombie Vapes

17th Zombie Blood by Zombie Vapes

18th Fantasy Mango by Zombie Vapes

19th Cherry Cola by Zombie Vapes

20th Antidote by Zombie Vapes

Best New E-Liquid of 2022- Black Mist

Released this year (2021) Black Mist has taken Zombie Vapers by storm! As a new comer its impossible for this flavour to make the top list as its based on sales in the last 365 days however this time next year we expect this awesome flavour to be in the top 10! A Fantastic blend of Blackcurrant Menthol and Aniseed.

Top 3 Dessert Flavours

Because dessert flavours are not as popular amongst vapers we have decided to point out the best 3 selling flavours in our brand for those that do prefer dessert flavours.

1st – Mothers Milk by Zombie Vapes (21st overall)

2nd Vanilla Custard by Zombie Vapes (29th overall)

3rd Screw It by Zombie Vapes (30th overall)

Research is based on sales of all Zombie Vapes E Liquid’s in the past 365 days (1 year) Ranking positions are out of 74 flavours overall.


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