If you have a big holiday coming up this summer, you may have found yourself wondering; “Can I vape at the airport?”.

As with smoking, airlines and airports have a number of rules and regulations when it comes to travelling with and using e-cig devices. While planning ahead and checking specific rules before you travel is vital, here at Zombie Vapes we’re talking through the main points you need to know when it comes to travelling, airports and vapes.


How to travel with vape gear

Generally, travelling with a vape will not cause you any problems. However, the usual carry-on luggage and liquid rules will apply, so be sure that any e-liquid you are travelling with is below 100ml and is stored in a clear bag.

There are also rules when travelling with lithium batteries – because of fears over explosions, batteries cannot be stored in the cargo hold. This also means any vape batteries will need to be placed in your hand luggage and carried onto the plane with you. Often, when heading through security, electrical items and batteries will need removing from your bag and placing separately in the tray, so be aware of this and make sure your vape and equipment are easy to reach and remove.


Can I vape at the airport?

While rules and regulations will change depending on your airport and country, you should generally assume that vaping will not be permitted in the terminal when you are travelling. Terminals are enclosed spaces and will be covered by the same laws as smoking in public places, so you may encounter restrictions following security.

Most airports have smoking areas where you will be permitted to vape, so be sure to check before you fly. Here are some of the rules at some of the UK’s biggest airports:


  • Heathrow Airport. Vaping is not allowed inside the airport terminals, so you will be unable to vape following security. There are designated areas outside the terminal before security in which you can vape.
  • Gatwick Airport. Although there are areas outside the terminal where you can use your e-cig, you will not be able to vape once you’ve passed through security.
  • Manchester Airport. E-cigarettes are not permitted inside the terminals, however, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 both offer outside smoking areas in which you can vape. In Terminal 3 you will not be able to vape after security.
  • Stansted Airport. Vaping is not permitted inside the terminal at Stansted, so you will be unable to vape after you’ve passed through security.
  • Luton Airport. The use of e-cigarettes is prohibited inside the terminal, and there is no designated smoking area after security.
  • Edinburgh Airport. You cannot vape inside the terminal at Edinburgh and there is no dedicated smoking area after you have passed through security.
  • Birmingham Aiport. While vaping is not permitted inside the terminal, there is a designated smoking area after security where you are permitted to vape.


Check the vaping rules at your destination

While most countries around the world allow vaping, there are prohibitions and even outright vaping bans in some. It is vital, therefore, to check the rules in the country you are flying to before you travel, to avoid any awkward interactions when you land.

For more information on the legal vaping age around the world and in which countries vaping is banned, be sure to check out our previous post – How Old Do You Have To Be To Vape?


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