If you’re familiar with vaping, you’ve likely heard of people ‘steeping’ their e-liquid. Steeping is a practice used by many vapers to help improve the taste of their e-liquid. Working in the same way as steeping tea or food products, steeping is a form of ageing that releases more flavour in a substance. 

If you want to learn more about why and how to steep your e-liquid, look no further – here at Zombie Vapes we’re answering all your frequently asked questions.

What is steeping vape juice?

Put simply, steeping your vape juice is simply allowing it to age before consumption. As with food products or a cup of tea, allowing your vape juice to steep releases more flavour, offering you a tastier vaping experience. Steeping can also mellow the flavour of overly sweet e-liquids, providing a more rounded flavour that many vapers prefer. 

Steeping your vape juice is by no means a must, but is a practice favoured by many vape users due to the more flavourful e-liquid it produces.


How to steep vape juice

So, how do you go about steeping vape juice? The key things methods used to steep e-juice involve ageing the liquid, gently shaking it in order to mix the flavours and exposing it to the air for oxidation. 

Oxidation occurs when oxygen meets a substance. The result of this is a reduction of whichever substance is being oxidized, and this reduction means that flavours become more concentrated. Therefore, in the case of e-liquids, oxidation will leave you with a stronger, more pronounced flavour. 

The most common way to steep e-liquid is very easy – simply store the liquid in a cold, dark place before use (a drawer or small box will work just fine), occasionally shaking the liquid and exposing it to the air to allow it to oxidate. If this is your chosen method, remember to;

  • Ensure all packaging and wrapping is removed from your e-liquid bottle before placing it in a dark place
  • Open the bottles for short periods of time, around once a day, in order to allow the air to oxidize the liquid.
  • Gently shake the bottles of e-liquid once a day.


How long to steep e-liquid

With the above method, we would recommend leaving your e-liquid to steep for around 6-14 days. If you are looking to quickly steep an e-liquid, however, there are some faster methods you can utilise.

Steep e-liquid in a hot bath

The most common method used to quickly steep a vape juice is by gently heating it in hot water. You can use a large bowl for this, and fill it with warm (but not boiling) water. Ensure your e-liquids are safety sealed in a zip-lock bag, before placing them into the water.

You should leave your vape juice to steep for as long as it takes the water to cool down. Once the water feels around room temperature, remove the bottles then carefully remove the caps in order to release any gases from the bottles and allow the liquid to breathe. Replace the cap, then shake the bottle well to complete the steeping process. 

Steep e-liquid in a slow cooker

If you own a slow cooker, you can also utilise this in order to steep your e-liquid. Fill your slow cooker with water, then set to a low to medium setting. With your e-liquids safely stored inside a zip-lock bag, add to the water, then cover and leave for anything from 1-4 hours. When you remove the bottles open the cap in order to allow them to breathe, then shake the liquids well to allow the flavour to mix. 

Steep e-liquid in the car

In hot weather, you can even steep your e-liquid inside your car! Simply place inside the glove box, inside a sealed zip-lock bag, and leave for up to three days. Following this, remove the bottles and gently remove the caps in order to allow the liquid to breathe. Replace the caps, and you’re good to go! 


Of course, steeping your e-liquid isn’t vital – but why not try one of the above methods and see what you prefer? For a delicious variety of e-liquids and vape concentrates to try out, look no further than the collection right here at Zombie Vapes.  


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