The world of vaping is ever-changing and constantly evolving to introduce new products and flavours. For most, we love the excitement that comes with the newest trends, but for beginners, it can be a daunting experience trying to find where to even start with vaping. 

Finding the right e-liquid to suit you may seem confusing, but fear not! We are here to simplify the many different labels and options, in order to get you well on your way to a positive vaping experience. 

From flavours to nicotine strength, we have put together a handy guide that will help you choose your perfect e-liquid!


For most first time vapers, choosing an e-liquid and vape stems from the goal of quitting smoking. There are many benefits to switching to vapes which you can read up on here, but once you’ve made the decision, it  can be confusing figuring out where to go with it next. 

If you have the right nicotine intake from your vape, making the transition can be successful. What some may not realise is that e-liquids are available with a range of different nicotine levels. Nicotine strengths vary from 0mg/ml to 36mg/ml and can be split into three categories. 

Nicotine strengths that are 6mg/ml and below are classed as ‘low-strength’. This is suitable for light smokers, who would not smoke more than half a pack of cigarettes a day. 

Above this, e-liquids that contain between 9mg/ml and 16mg/ml are considered to be ‘medium-strength’ perfect for smokers who go through between half and a full pack of cigarettes a day.

Any e-liquid with a nicotine strength above 18mg/ml are ‘high-strength’ and are ideal for cigarette smokers who are struggling to break their habit. 

There is also the option to purchase an e-liquid that can be mixed with a nicotine shot or salts to improve the existing strength. This is perfect if you prefer your own blend, or have perhaps found your dream flavour, but it’s nicotine levels are not strong enough for you. 

When using nicotine shots, it is important to make sure you are pouring the 10ml shot into a short-fill bottle of e-liquid, to ensure there is enough space for the mix. 

Don’t worry about which strength of nicotine you opt for in your e-liquid, as it is beneficial to graduate down through the strengths until you reach 0mg/ml nicotine e-liquids. Once you have managed to do this, you will have conquered any addiction to nicotine that smoking will have left you with!

PG and VG

PG and VG can be the deciding factor on which e-liquid, and also which vaping device, you choose. These two ingredients, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, are what makes up around 95% of your e-liquid. The other 5% is flavouring and nicotine. 

Choose a PG based e-liquid if you are struggling to make the switch from cigarettes to a vaping device. Vape juices that are higher in propylene glycol offer a similar sensation to cigarettes, however, it should be noted that too much PG can make the juice too harsh. This is why it is often mixed with vegetable glycerine. 

If you would rather opt for a primarily vegetable glycerine e-liquid, you will experience a much smoother and intense flavour. It is for this reason that VG heavy e-liquids are better suited for Sub Ohm vaping which magnifies this intensity further. 


Now that you understand what goes into an e-liquid, you can focus on the fun stuff, flavours! The wide variety of bold and unique flavours is often what appeals to so many people to try vaping. From the sweet and sugary to the cool and classic, there is a vast range of flavours and tastes to suit every occasion and mood. 

The most popular flavour categories tend to be sweets, tobacco, menthol, fruit, drinks and desserts! 

If you have a sweet tooth, the obvious flavour choices for you can be found within the sweets and desserts categories. At Zombie Vapes, we are proud to offer a wide variety of candy flavours from popular brands including, Mr Wick’s, IVG and Moreish Puff. 

Refreshing menthol flavours will leave you with an easy, fresh breath, and these are popular for people who are not in love with the usual sweet-smelling vapour clouds. Brands including Zeus Juice and Vampire Vape dominate this market with a variety of icy concoctions. 

For people who are struggling to break a cigarette habit, it can be helpful to choose a tobacco flavoured e-juice. Classic scents are blended with other flavours to offer familiar tastes which make the transition from cigarettes to vapes that little bit easier.  

Our Tips 

It may be a trial and error process for you to find the right mixture to suit your tastes, but we hope we have given you the right tools to know where to start. 

However, before you start trying different e-liquids, make sure you’re choosing reputable and respected brands, like the ones we offer at Zombie Vapes. Shopping with a trusted seller will ensure you have a safe, first vaping experience. 

We also advise that you switch flavours regularly! Like with food, the more you have something the less great it will taste as your senses become used to the flavours. So, if you find an e-liquid that you love, always remember that less is more and it can be good to keep switching it up. 

And finally, keep hydrated! Those vapour clouds that you are breathing are not water, and enthusiastic vaping can leave you becoming dehydrated. Ensure you keep yourself topped up on water and not just e-liquid, to keep enjoying your vaping adventure to the fullest.

Now that you have had a full run-down of what to consider when you’re choosing an e-liquid, it’s now time for you to have fun trying out new juices! Explore our full collection of e-juices today to get started, and why not discover the different vaping devices available for you to try?


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