If you’re new to the world of vaping, you may have noticed other vapers are using devices much larger than yours that are producing clouds that are a lot bigger. This style of vaping is known as Sub Ohm vaping, and it creates much different effects than the regular starter kits you may be used to. 

If you’re thinking of making the switch from your vape pen to a Sub Ohm tank, then you might have a few questions that you need to be answered! At Zombie Vapes, we have all the vape mod kits you could need to find your perfect vape style, and so you can find the answers to your questions about Sub Ohm vaping here in our comprehensive guide. 

What Does Sub Ohm Mean?

Sub Ohm is a different style of vaping, which producers larger and thicker vapour clouds. Also known as DL vaping, or Direct Lung vaping, Sub Ohm vapour is inhaled more deeply and straight into the lungs due to the amount of airflow. This is opposed to regular Mouth to Lung vaping (MTL vaping), which is drawn into the mouth before being inhaled into the lungs. 

You may be wondering what an ‘ohm’ even is, and the answer is actually quite simple! Just as length is measured in metres, the measure of resistance in a coil is known as an ohm. DL vaping utilises low resistance coils that tend to be less than 1 ohm, which is where the name ‘Sub Ohm’ comes from. However, they also require vape mod kits that are capable of putting out anything between 40 watts to 200 watts as they run on increased power. 

Advantages of Sub Ohm

Now that you understand the what, you may be wondering why you might want to try Sub Ohm vaping. There are a number of advantages to Sub Ohm vaping, including: 

  • Intense Flavour 
  • Larger Vapour Clouds 
  • Warmer Vape
  • More Airflow
  • Smoother Vaping Experience

Sub Ohm vaping offers a more intense flavour which is perfect for people who can’t get enough of their favourite juices. Imagine your go-to e-juice intensified with every inhale and that is the effect that Sub Ohm vaping has!

Along with a powerful flavour, Sub Ohm vaping also offers more airflow, a warmer vape and a smoother overall experience. This is due to the higher wattages used in the vape mod kits and tanks that offer a more powerful nicotine hit. Plus, the unrestricted airflow allows for direct to lung inhalation, which is something that ex-smokers tend to prefer as it offers a raw sensation that hits the back of the throat. 

One of the most attractive effects that draws in regular vape pen users is the large vape clouds that Sub Ohming produces. The desire to create larger vapour clouds is known as cloud-chasing, keep reading to find out more about this hobby!

Are you a Cloud Chaser?

If larger vapour clouds is what appeals to you to try Sub Ohm vaping, then you may be a Cloud Chaser! This is the term coined for those who strive to create the biggest vapour clouds that they can, and they invent new ways of doing so in imaginative and creative ways. 

Usually, this means experimenting with lower ohm coils, higher wattages and tons of airflow!

Whilst not all Sub Ohm vapers are Cloud Chasers, all Cloud Chasers are certainly Sub Ohm vapers. Sub Ohm vape mod kits are the only devices capable of producing such voluminous clouds, and so to be a Cloud Chaser you will use Sub Ohm vape tanks. 

5 Tips to Get Bigger Vapour Clouds

With the popularity of large vapour clouds, we have a few tips on how to get the biggest clouds possible. Follow these simple steps to ensure you’re doing everything you can to encourage the vape! 

  1. Use the Right Batteries: Make sure the batteries you’re using have high amp ratings which are suitable for high wattages. 
  2. Open the Airflow: The majority of Sub Ohm tanks are equipped with adjustable airflow. By keeping this all the way open, you can achieve larger clouds. 
  3. Choose Higher VG Juices: Vegetable Glycerin in your vape provides thicker clouds of vapour and more intense flavour. So the more VG in your mix, then the bigger the clouds you can hope for. 
  4. Try a Bigger and Faster Draw: Taking in more powerful and faster draws will result in larger cloud production. 
  5. Use Coils Rated Below 0.5 Ohms: Low resistance coils produce larger vapour clouds, so the lower the better! 

Is Sub Ohm Vaping Dangerous?

Sub Ohming is not dangerous when done correctly, however, there are some areas in which you should be cautious. If you are building your own Sub Ohm device, it is important that you use genuine batteries from a reputable source. Using poor batteries in such a high-powered device will not end well, and so it is imperative to use quality batteries.

However, with the advancements in the market, it is possible to get a high-quality Sub Ohm vape mod kit that is ready built with all of the necessary safeguards. Whilst Sub Ohming is not recommended for beginners, it is safe as long as you know what you’re doing!

Get Started with Sub Ohm Vaping

You can find everything you could need to start Sub Ohming with our range of vape mod kits available at Zombie Vapes. With batteries, coils and tanks available, you can get started with Sub Ohming safely with our help!

Plus, we have a wide selection of e-juices available to ensure you get the perfect mix for your tastes. If you need advice on e-liquids, then why not read up on our guide on ‘How to Choose Your E-Liquid’?

We hope that now that you have read up on the advantages, mechanics and our advice on Sub Ohm vaping, you might feel better equipped to get started yourself!


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