The Best Menthol E-Liquids for 2023

The Best Menthol E-Liquids for 2023

The Best Menthol E-Liquids for 2023

As we prepare ourselves for another chilly cold winter what better than to talk about finding an e-liquid flavour to errr give you that icy cold feeling! We know but at Zombie Vapes we love blending some popular and also unique menthol e-liquids. Discover some of our best menthol freebase e-liquids and DIY concentrates created by our mixologists. Alternatively you can browse our wide range of menthol e-liquids from other brands on our website.

Zombie Vapes best menthol shortfill e-liquids


No menthol favourite list would be complete without our popular and unique Antidote flavour! This best selling menthol e-liquid is a fierce blend of ripe blueberries and zesty lemons finished off with an icy cold blast. The blueberries and lemons have been blended so perfectly, giving a unique tasty vaping experience for menthol lovers.

Our popular Antidote is available in 50ml, 100ml and DIY concentrate.

Black Mist

Black Mist is one of the latest additions to our growing list of menthol e-liquid flavours. This flavour is inspired by juicy ripe blackcurrants with hints of blackberries and just a small dash of aniseed to give it that complex taste. Of course it wouldn't be complete with an icy blast of menthol making this a perfect choice for the menthol lovers.

Our popular Black Mist is available in 50/50, 50ml and 100ml.

Mr Blue

Mr Blue is a rejuvenating e-liquid that is like no flavour out there. This best-selling e-liquid is a fruity concoction of mixed blue berries topped off with a cool menthol breeze. Experience the cold icy blast as the intense flavours of mixed berries burst through. The flavourings have been perfectly blended making this e-liquid great for vaping all day long.

Our popular Mr Blue is available in 50/50, 50ml, 100ml and DIY concentrate.

Red A

Red A is massively popular with Zombie Vapers!, This intense sharp and bold flavour has helped many smokers transition to vaping. Enjoy the taste of ripe red berries, black grape and sweet eucalyptus, followed by a warm kick of aniseed before ending on a cool menthol finish. A perfect all-day-vape, try it and find out why so many swear by Red A.

Our popular Red A is available in 50/50, 50ml, 100ml and DIY concentrate.

Cool Menthol

Of course our list wouldn't be complete with the simple but effective Cool Menthol e-liquid. We have received a lot of praise for our cool menthol, for its intensity and throat hit which has also made this popular for people looking to quit smoking! Our cool menthol is sharp and bold with the fiercest of ice cold finishes.

Our popular Cool Menthol is available in 50/50, 50ml, 100ml and DIY concentrate.


Did you know?

We have now introduced iced nicotine shots - they blend perfectly with fruity flavours to give menthol lovers an even better range of flavour profiles. They work well with our fruit flavours such as Mr Pink, Blue Slush, Unicorn Blood, Jungle Juice and many more!


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