What is a shortfill?

What is a shortfill?

A shortfill is a large bottle of e-liquid (larger than 10ml) that contains no nicotine. A shortfill is normally filled at 5/6 capacity leaving room for a 10ml nicotine shot in a 60ml - 50ml shortfill + 10ml nicotine shot or leaving room for 2 x 10ml nicotine shots in a 120ml - 100ml shortfill + 2 x 10ml nicotine shots.


Why does a 18mg nicotine shot = 3mg of nicotine?


To put it simply the 5/6 law also applies to the nicotine shot. The nicotine shot contains 18mg per 10ml - so when added to a 60ml bottle we have to divide it by 6 to achieve our desired outcome. 18mg / 6 = 3mg. 

Shortfills entered the UK market when the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) created a new law to decide that e liquids containing nicotine must be in 10ml capacity's or less. This in turn received a lot of criticism largely due to the increased cost for vapers and the amount of plastic waste produced if vapers were only able to buy 10ml bottles of e liquid.

Zombie Vapes were one of the first companies to sell shortfills - Because keeping the costs of vaping down for our customers has always been one of our biggest priorities. We firmly believe in not only should vaping be healthier, customers should also benefit financially from quitting smoking.

Shortfill tips.

When adding your nicotine shot we recommend you shake thoroughly and leave it to set for 2 hours. This will ensure that the nicotine is thoroughly blended and has set.


  • Remove the cap from the 60ml bottle.
  • Add the 10ml 18mg nicotine shot.
  • Pop on the nozzle.
  • Secure child-proof bottle top.
  • Shake the bottle until fully mixed.
  • Leave to set for 2 hours.

E-liquid nicotine strength guide

50ml Shortfill - 9mg Nicotine shot x1 = 1.5mg in 60ml
50ml Shortfill - 12mg Nicotine shot x1 = 2mg in 60ml
50ml Shortfill - 15mg Nicotine shot x1 = 2.5mg in 60ml
50ml Shortfill - 18mg Nicotine shot x1 = 3mg in 60ml
50ml Shortfill -  20mg Nicotine shot x1 = 3.3mg in 60ml

Other useful tips.

Always buy good quality nicotine shots - we recommend Nic Nic and Nic Up nicotine shots.

Shortfills are often made with slightly stronger flavourings to compensate for the flavourless nicotine shot. It is a myth that adding nicotine shots to your eliquid will make it tasteless.

Overall shortfills are a popular choice for vapers. Its more feasible to carry around one bottle than having to carry around various 10ml bottles. Its cost friendly and as an added bonus its better for the environment.


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