Whether you’re a seasoned vape user or just making the switch from smoking, the number of vape devices on offer can be overwhelming for the best of us. So, if you have found yourself in need of a hand navigating through the world of vape mods and pods, then you have come to the right place. At Zombie Vapes, we want to ensure that all of our customers have the right advice and information they need before they purchase a new device or product. This is why we are proud to present the ultimate guide to vape pods vs vape mods, and which is best for you. 

Let’s kick things off with getting to grips with exactly what vape mods and pods are! 

What is a Vape Mod?

Just like the name suggests, vape mods are devices which are modifiable. They are box-like devices that use sub-ohm technology to give vape users a more powerful experience. Popular for their production of larger vapour clouds, vape mods are popular with users looking to make a display out of their vaping skills. 

Advanced vape mod devices allow users to modify the movable parts of their device, such as coils and wicks, and by doing this, you can alter the mechanics and the resistance of the power in your device. If you were to practice this, then you can play around with the power and temperature of your vaporizer allowing for more flavourful, and larger vapour clouds. 

Mods distinctively have a tank to store e-liquid, and this is beneficial especially for those who prefer to mix their own e-liquids using nicotine shots to suit their own taste. Being able to play with different bases, such as PG or VG e-liquids, and add in your own desired amount of nicotine, means you can achieve a totally unique and personal experience to your vape, and having a tank makes these easy to mix and use. Similarly, you can also tailor and adjust the settings of a vape mod to achieve the perfect flavour and cloud production, making this the perfect choice for those looking to experiment. 

However, like with any shiny new toy, there are a couple of downsides to a vape mod that we think you need to consider before rushing into a mod. Firstly, the size of a vape mod can be a drawback for some. Due to its number of moving parts and e-liquids, carrying your vape box mod around isn’t the easiest or most convenient thing to do. To make it simple, you will ideally have a case to carry your vape mod and e-liquids, as well as plenty of space wherever you plan to set up and start using it. 

As well as this, the price can be a factor for some. Unlike simpler vape devices, mod kits can become pricey once all of the different factors and e-liquids are totalled up. But if this is the experience that you are after with vaping, then it is true that you get what you pay for, and many believe it is worth the higher price tag. 

Why not find out for yourself and explore our full range of vape mod kits available online at Zombie Vapes today?

What is a Vape Pod?

Now, let’s move on to discussing vape pods, which some believe to be the long-lost, and in some cases, better-looking brother of the vape mod. But why? 

Recently, vape pods have come back to the forefront as a major player in the world of vaping devices. It is compact, sleek, and stylish, making it, what is to some, the opposite of the vape mod. If you are a vape user looking for a minimal fuss and easy-to-use device, then we recommend the vape pod is for you. It is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle but is still much more powerful than an e-cigarette or vape pen. It is also much less hassle than a vape mod and still uses the same sub-ohm technology to create intense vapour clouds. 

Unlike an e-cig, vape pods are perfect for use with nic salts, as it utilises a relatively high power with lower temperatures. Nicotine salts are preferred by those looking for a classic cigarette throat hit, as this alternative to classic e-liquids uses the natural nicotine salts found both on and in tobacco, as opposed to the pharmaceutical grade nicotine found in e-liquids. With higher nicotine content, nic salts are believed to give users the desired nicotine dose they need faster than standard e-liquids, which may lead to people vaping less frequently. This makes vape pods a more popular choice looking for a device for habit rather than display and experimentation. 

Which is Best for Me?

The next step is deciding which vape device will be best for you. We have outlined the basics of both vape pods and mods for you to make your decision easier, but like with any vape product, it all comes down to personal preference. Finding the right product for you can sometimes be a case of trial and error, but to help you make the first decision, we have outlined some key points you should consider. 

Choose a Vape Mod if you:

  • Prefer larger vapour clouds.
  • Are interested in mixing your own e-liquids. 
  • Like to perform tricks with your vapour clouds. 
  • Don’t mind how much you spend. 
  • Want to experiment with your device. 

Choose a Vape Pod if you:

  • Have a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. 
  • Are looking for a similar experience to cigarettes. 
  • Like to use nicotine salts. 
  • Prefer minimal fuss. 
  • Want a great-value device that costs less.

Now that you have had our full rundown of both vape mods and pods, we hope that you can make an informed decision of which is the best device for you. At Zombie Vapes, you can explore a wide range of vape devices on offer, and find all of the advice you could need on our blog. So, choose your device and have fun experimenting with different e-liquids and DIY accessories today!


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