How To Clean Your Vape Tank

A clean vape is the best way to fully experience flavour. 

Regular cleaning of your vape tanks doesn’t only mean a better flavour but will keep your vape running at its best for longer – meaning you can go longer before the need to replace it. Without regular cleaning, your vape tanks will experience a build-up of old flavours, mixing in with your new flavours and often creating a mix you didn’t want. Not only that, but the old juice residue inside the tank is also continuously heated, building up a thick congealed layer of juice – definitely not appealing!

To avoid this and ensure your vaping experience is on top form, join us here at Zombie Vapes as we run through how to clean your vape tank. 

What is a vape tank?

Vapes aren’t just one all-encompassing device – they are made up of multiple components. The three main parts to consider when looking at the anatomy of a vape pen are the tank, the coil and the battery. For this post, we are going to be focusing on vape tanks. 

Your vape tank is the section of your vape which holds the e-liquid. The vape tank is generally connected to an atomizer, which converts the liquid into vapour. Due to the amount of liquid being stored in your tank, it is vital to clean it regularly so you don’t experience a build-up. 

How often should you clean your vape tank?

So, just how often should you be cleaning your tank to keep everything working at its best? We’d recommend cleaning out your tank each time it is empty – so, whenever you start a new e-liquid. This option is not only the simplest, as your tank is already empty, but also means you won’t have leftover flavours mixing in with your new liquid and affecting taste – meaning maximum flavour from your new e-liquid!

A quick clean each time you switch liquids should stop your vape tank from developing any nasty build-up, but you should still also give your vape tank a deeper clean every few weeks to keep it feeling brand new for longer. 

How to clean your vape tank between uses

Each time you switch to a new e-liquid you should give your e-cig tank a quick clean to remove any leftover residue. If you want to switch over flavours quickly, you could even have two tanks in rotation, so you always have a spare, clean option ready to go. To clean your vape tank:

  • Fill a large bowl with warm, but not boiling, water, alongside a small amount of washing up liquid if needed.
  • Remove your tank from the overall vape mod, then separate each component. 
  • Rinse each component gently in your bowl of warm water. If you have used dish soap in your bowl, be sure to fully rinse your tank with clean warm water after washing – vaping washing up liquid isn’t fun! 
  • Optional; For getting rid of excess liquid that may have built up in your tank, twist up a paper towel and insert it through the vape tank, gently pulling back and forth to remove additional residue.
  • Gently dry each part dry with a paper towel or a clean, dry cloth. 
  • Leave your tank to fully air dry for at least 15 minutes before reassembling (this is where spare tanks come in handy!). 

How to deep clean your vape tank

Even though regular rinsing should keep your e-cig tanks clean, every few weeks you should still carry out a deep clean. This is also useful for getting rid of lingering smells from any especially strong e-liquids.

For a deep clean, you’re best off using alcohol. A dab of plain, high-proof vodka is best, as, unlike general rubbing alcohol, it is non-toxic and will be safe if you don’t manage to fully rinse it away. 

  • Again, start by fully disassembling your vape and each individual component of the tank. 
  • Use a clean, dry cloth and dampen with your alcohol. Use this to work at any particularly grubby areas, where buildup has occurred. 
  • Fully rinse each component in a bowl of warm water, before drying with a paper towel or clean cloth. 
  • Again, leave to fully air dry for at least 15 minutes before reassembling your vape.

Cleaning your vape tank: top tips

  • Don’t use boiling water to soak or clean your vape equipment. While your equipment may come out sparkling, there is a definite risk of damage to your vape.
  • Don’t leave your vape components to soak for long periods, ie overnight, as this could also damage your equipment. 
  • Do clean your vape regularly. Twenty minutes of your time each time you change liquids will ensure a cleaner, purer vaping experience – and coils that last longer!

Of course, even with all the cleaning in the world, your vape tank is going to need replacing eventually! To ensure your vape is equipped with the very best, be sure to explore the full collection of vape tanks here at Zombie Vapes.

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