A - Z Glossary of Vaping

A - Z Glossary of Vaping

New to Vaping? We've got you covered with our A - Z of vaping terms in our technical industry.


Atomiser: The wick and coil within a vape device. Often referred to as the coil.

ADV: Your favourite e-liquid flavour that you can vape all day (All Day Vape).

Airflow: Often adjustable the airflow is the amount of air sucked in when you drag your vape. A high airflow results in more flavour where as a tight airflow produces more flavour.

APV: Often referred to as a mod - That uses rechargable batteries and a vape tank that can be separated.

Automatic: A type of ecig that activates on the inhale rather than needing a button to be pressed.

Auto Shut Off: A safety feature that automatically shuts the device down if overheating is detected.

Base Liquid or Ratio: A mix of the 2 main e liquid components, vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol.

Box Mod: A type of APV that is square shaped. They offer more power than your typical vape pen.

Bridge:  Alternative name for the Atomizer Wick.

Clearomiser: A combined cartridge and atomiser, usually clear and allows vapers to measure the amount of e liquid.

Cloud Chaser: A term used for vapers who try and achieve large vape clouds.

Clouds: Describes the vapour produced by an e cigarette.

Coil: Found in the atomizer, it heats up the e Liquid.

Concentrates: A blend of flavours that are added to e-Liquids to give them  taste. Many liquids try and create flavours that resemble well known food and drinks.

Custom Mod: A type of mod that has been hand made and often composed of household items.

DIY: Do it yourself - Vapers who make their own e liquid using flavour concentrate and base ingredients.

Drip Tip: The tip that is  removable from the atomizer.

Dripping: The method of adding e liquid directly on to the coil, producing more clouds and a more intense flavour.

Dry Hit: Drawing on your e-cigarette when there is no e Liquid in the cartridge.

DTL: Abbreviation for direct to lung, a style of vaping drawn straight into the lungs.

E-Liquid or E-Juice: The liquid for use inside an e-cigarette is called e-liquid, also known as e-juice or vape juice.

Flooding: Occurs when too much liquid reaches the atomizer.

High Resistance: An atomizer that has a high ohm reading and is used for high voltage vaping.

Hybrid: Also known a hybrid mod. They are all in one e-cigarettes with the atomizer and battery in one unit.

Juice: Another term for e-Liquid.

Kick: Basically the throat hit experience whilst vaping.

Low Resistance: Used to produce more vapour but often culpable for using more battery power.

Mechanical Mod: Or  ‘Mech Mod’, often lack common safety features and are not recommended.

Mesh: The cover of the atomizer bridge, usually made of stainless steel.

MG: The amount of nicotine in one millilitre of e-liquid.

Mod: An e-cigarette that is made up of separate parts (components).

MTL:  Meaning Mouth To Lung. A typeof vaping that resembles the act of smoking. Vapour is drawn into the mouth before being transferred to the lungs.

OHM: Measurement of the electrical resistance.

PG:  Propylene glycol, one of the two main base substances used in e-Liquids.

Resistance: The electrical resistance provided by the atomizer.

Rebuildables: Mainly used advanced vapers, this refers to the tank or atomizer that allows you to change your own coils and wicks.

RDA: Meaning Rebuildable Drip Atomizer. A coil that can be rebuilt where the e-liquid is dripped directly onto the wick.

RTA: Meaning Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. A tank that holds your e-liquid.

Starter Kits: A package that contains everything required to start vaping.

Steeping: The process of maturing your DIY e-Liquid and allowing the ingredients to settle to bring out the flavour. A method more common when making dessert flavours although most DIY eliquid's are steeped.

Sub-ohming: A method used by experienced vapers to create very large vapour clouds.

Tank: A large clearomiser that holds your e liquid.

Throat Hit: The hit on the back of the throat when the vapour reaches it.

TPD: An abbreviation for the Tobacco Products Directive. The company that sets out the rules for the sale and manufacture of e-cigarettes and e-liquids in the UK and the EU.

Vaper’s Tongue: When a vaper loses their ability to taste the E-Liquid. It feels as though you're just inhaling a flavourless vapour. Often caused by vaping the same flavour for too long.

VG: Vegetable glycerine, one of the two primary base substances used to create e-Liquids.

VV:  Meaning variable voltage it allows a user to vary the voltage on their device.

VW: Meaning variable wattage it allows a user to vary the wattage on their device.

Wick: The piece of cotton or fabric in the cartridge that absorbs the e-liquid.

Zero-Nic: An e-Liquid that is nicotine free, also known as 0mg.

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