Now more than ever, people are ditching their cigarettes in favour of a shiny new vape kit. 

However, with so many to choose from, you might feel like a fish out of water when looking for the best one for you.

Whether you are switching to vaping for financial or health reasons, it pays to do your research on the different types of vape kits out there. 

From full vape kits to vape pods, pens, and mods, there is something to suit every smoking style, and choosing the right setup for you can be the difference between successfully making the switch or reverting to your old cigarette habits. No pressure, right?

That’s where we come in. At Zombie Vapes, we’ve done all the research needed to help you make the right decision when shopping for the best vape kit for you. Whether you’re a total vape newbie or looking to upgrade your current kit, read on for everything you need to know before buying your first vape kit.

Table of Contents

  1. What to consider when choosing a vape kit
  2. The different types of vape kits
  3. Vape box kit components: The Breakdown
  4. How to choose a vape kit: Final thoughts

What to consider when choosing a vape kit

Before choosing a vape kit, there are a few things to consider to ensure that you make the right choice for you. For instance, if you’re looking for a vape kit to help you quit smoking, you might want something a little different to someone whose main priority is to be able to create clouds!

Below, we’ve highlighted the most important factors to think about before parting with your money.


If you use your vape regularly, it will run out of power. If this sounds like you, you may want to invest in a vape kit with a long-lasting battery or a rechargeable battery. 

Nicotine needs 

If you are switching to vaping to curb a nicotine habit, you should opt for a vape kit that allows for a higher nicotine strength or allows you to use nic salts

Flavour choice

Some vape kits, such as pod kits, come with pre-filled flavour pods. If you want to be able to explore different flavoured e-Liquids, you should consider a full box vape kit, which will allow you to mix and match e-Liquids as you please! 

Our guide on how to make your own vape juice tells you all you need to know about creating your own flavourful concoctions to suit your unique taste and vape style.


Some smokers prefer a discreet vape experience and want to avoid the attention-grabbing clouds that some smokers love, whilst others prefer a pocket-sized vape that will be easy to hold and use. 

The different types of vape kits

Several different vape kits are available, each suited to a different vape style. 

Below, we’ve covered the basics of the main vape systems and sets available to help you decide which one best suits you. 

Vape Starter Kits

What is a vape starter kit? Well, it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Designed with beginners in mind, it is an easy to use vape kit that is simple to set up, utilise, and maintain. 

Vape starter kits aim to make the switch from cigarettes to e-Liquids easier for beginners, considering all of the potential problems that a beginner might experience to streamline the process. They also provide all of the essential components needed to get started.

With this in mind, if you’re just starting out or making the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes for the first time, a vape starter kit ensures that you’re more likely to make the switch successfully. 

Full kits 

As the name suggests, box kits are box-shaped vape kits. They are among the most popular vape styles and range from beginner-friendly designs to more advanced models that feature adjustable settings and components. 

Though a bulkier design than pods and pens, box kits are the most durable option. They are also compatible with e-Liquids instead of pre-filled pods, so you can fill your kit with a flavour that you love. 

At Zombie Vapes, our selection of full vape kits is filled with high-quality designs in various sizes, including all-in-one devices that have everything you need to get started, minus the e-Liquid. 

Pod kits

Featuring a smaller, sleeker design to box kits, pod kits are easy to use devices that are perfect for those looking to vape whilst on the move.  

They include a battery and come with either refillable or pre-filled pods instead of the standard vape tank used with box kits. 

A new kid on the block, pod kits are one of the most modern vape devices and are quickly garnering popularity due to their convenient and easy to use design. 

Vape pens

Vape pens are refillable, ‘all-in-one’ style devices that, as the name suggests, are shaped like a pen. 

Though narrow and compact, vape pens feature a tank and a battery. Moreover, they are designed to be filled with e-Liquid instead of refillable or pre-filled pods. 

Due to their small, compact size, vape pens are a great choice for a discreet vaping experience. However, they require a little more maintenance than box kits, and you may have to replace the vape coil regularly. 

Vape mods

Vape mods are a more advanced type of vape device used by more experienced vapers. They are bigger in size than standard pods and pens and offer a more powerful performance. 

They are bought separately from the rest of your vape setup and allow you to customise your experience to suit you. 

If you’re a beginner or not quite sure which vape style you prefer, we’d recommend opting for a full vape box until you’re more comfortable and more sure of your preferences!

Vape box kit components: The breakdown 

Vape box kits are one of the most popular kits. But what is included? Below, we’ve covered the low down on each component you will find in your kit and why it’s important.  

The battery

Your vape battery is the heart of your e-cigarette. It powers the coil to heat your e-liquid, transforming your juice into vapour. 

Various battery styles are available, and each one is designed to provide a different experience. With this in mind, it’s essential to choose the right one for your kit so that your vape has the right amount of power to perform safely and efficiently.

At Zombie Vapes, we have a fantastic selection of vape batteries for you to shop, so if you’re looking to customise your vape experience or upgrade your current kit, we’ve got you covered. Our collection offers vape batteries in various sizes and styles, including rechargeable batteries, so we’re confident you’ll find a battery to complete your setup in this collection. 

The vape tank

If the battery is the heart of your vape kit, then the tank is the body. It is the part of your kit that contains your coil and your e-liquid, making it one of the most essential components. 

Once filled with e-Liquid, the tank transfers the liquid to the head of the coil, which, when heated, produces the vapour you inhale. What’s a coil, we hear you ask? We’ll get to that in a second. 

It’s important to ensure that your vape tank is kept up to date and in pristine condition, as this will impact your overall vape experience. 

A dirty vape tank will affect your vape taste and its performance, so it’s important to clean your kit routinely. Our blog on how to clean your vape tank tells you all you need to know to keep it performing at its best for longer. And our collection of vape tanks at Zombie Vapes has got you covered when it’s time to replace yours.

The coil

Recognisable by its spiral design, a vape coil is the part of your vape that heats the e-Liquid in your vape tank, transforming it into vapour.

Available in various materials, each one allows for a different taste experience.

It’s important to ensure the coil you buy is compatible with your kit, as there are various styles out there to suit different designs and brands. 

Vape e-Liquid

e-Liquid, also known as ‘vape juice’, is the viscous liquid you use to fill up your vape tank.

At Zombie Vapes, we have e-Liquids to suit every taste preference, from fruity fusions to traditional nicotine and menthol flavours.

Not sure which e-Liquid to buy? Check out our guide on how to choose your e-Liquid.

How to choose a vape kit: Final thoughts

Choosing your first vape kit can be a daunting experience. From talks of vape tanks and coils to batteries and more, it comes as no surprise that newcomers might not know where to begin. 

When shopping for your first vape kit, it’s important to consider your vape style, preferences and what you are hoping to get out of your vape equipment. 

Vape pods and pens are fantastic designs that offer discreet vape experiences, whilst full box kits are perfect for those looking to take the plunge and experiment with flavours.

Once you’ve chosen the best vape kit for you, shop our fantastic selection of e-Liquids! Our collection has something for everyone, from dessert and fruit flavoured juices to refreshing menthols.

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