Anyone who has ever experienced vape spit back knows exactly how frustrating it is. Not only is it annoying going to vape and being hit with a mouthful of e-liquid, but it is also dangerous – you run the risk of swallowing e-liquid or even burning your mouth. 

If your vape is popping or spitting, there are a number of methods you can try to combat the problem. 


Why does my vape spit?

When it comes to issues with vapes, one of the main things we see asked is “why does my vape crackle?”. 

If your vape is crackle or spitting, this can be put down to excess liquid. Vape spit back occurs when there is too much juice in the vape coil. This excess liquid can’t be turned into vapour, so bubbles and boils in much the same way as boiling water does. Therefore, when you inhale, these bubbles can be brought up through the centre post of your vape tank. It is when these bubbles are inhaled that the user can experience the unpleasant ‘spitting’ sensation. 


How to stop your vape spitting

If you’re having problems with your vape crackling or spitting, there are a number of things you can try to eliminate the problem. 


  • Fire up your battery before use

The first method to help eliminate vape spit back is incredibly simple, and will quickly become a habit you barely even think about. Simply fire up the battery on your vape for a couple of seconds before use, without inhaling. You should hear a slight popping sound as you do this – this is the excess e-liquid heating and vaporising. Repeat this process a few times, until you can no longer hear the spitting sound, and your vape should be ready to go.


  • Make sure your power isn’t set too low

If your vape is spitting, it could be that your vape wattage is too low, and so isn’t vaporising your e-liquid efficiently. In these instances, the liquid will enter the tank before the coil is fully heated, leading to an overflow. If you’re finding a lot of spit back from your vape, increase your e-cigs wattage and ensure it is set at the top power – or consider a more powerful device. 


  • Reduce your airflow

Another reason you may experience vaping spit back is if you are taking particularly large inhales or inhaling forcefully. By doing this, you run the risk of flooding the coil, leaving you with excess liquid and causing your vape to crackle and spit. Try to get into the habit of taking smaller, gentle inhales, giving the vape wick and coil time to vaporise the liquid. 


  • Use a higher VG e-liquid

High PG e-liquids tend to be thinner in consistency, so will soak into your devices coil much more quickly and run the risk of flooding your tank. If you’re consistently experiencing spit back, therefore, why not switch it up and opt for a higher VG e-liquid? Thicker in consistency, a high VG e-liquid will soak into your vapes wicking material much more slowly, reducing the risk of flooding and eliminating vape spit back problems. 


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